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At Wurth, service & speed go hand in hand.

In today’s fast paced, competitive operating environment, Wurth New

Zealand not only understand and appreciate the need for systems, but also

spearheads technology and innovation to create market orientated and

customer centric solutions for managing consumables in organisations of all

shapes and sizes.

Starting at the staple solution of

ORSY – Organised Systems


customers leverage the modular system of components to provide maximum

process transparency, making it easier to manage and visually monitor

consumable usage.


It's especially the small parts - consumables like bolts, nuts, adhesives or

sealants - that play a major role in the cost and effectiveness balance sheet

of your company than you might expect. Here it's not the material costs in

themselves that have the greatest impact. Instead it's the procurement that

often costs you and your employees a lot of time and money.

Having operated in New Zealand for over 20 years, Wurth New Zealand

proudly supplies fixing and assembly solutions to the Automotive, Cargo,

Metal and Construction industries nationwide.

The Wurth ORSY


storage and ordering system was developed by working

closely with our customers. This modular system of shelf components is

suitable fo the special requirements of any business or department.

Wurth ORSY


provides maximum process transparency and makes it easy to

process irregular demand items wuthout burdening your internal structure.


continues to grow and be enhanced, tailoring the solution for

customers of all sizes, with the recent introduction of ORSY Scan allowing

customers to easily scan consumables and replenish via online solutions. This

includes the opportunity to create customer specific ‘punch out’ catalogues

that contain barcodes for easy and efficient scanning and customer specific

pricing – all designed to increase operating efficiencies.

We are inspired by YOU!

Wurth New Zealand depends on the success of its customers. The

development and implementation of solutions that aim to enhance customers'

environments is the priority of all staff.

The commitment to excellence in customer service and

exceptional quality products is what sets Wurth New

Zealand apart from the competition. All staff love selling

directly to customers, in person, so that each solution

is personalised to service the individual. At Wurth, the

team understands that every customer is different.