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The Wurth Group is the

world leader in assembly

and fastening material

With over 400 companies

in more than 80 countries

and 70,000 employees, the

Wurth group is growing

each and every day.

Defining solutions for more

than 3 million customers

worldwide is the daily

responsibility of the

organisation's 30,000

plus sales employees.

We are a family business

– Local in

every sense.

People and a very special corporate

philosophy are the driving forces of the

long-standing success enjoyed by the Wurth

Group. Wurth is a family business that was

founded by Adolf Wurth in 1945. Prof.

Reinhold Wurth, today’s Chairman of the

Supervisory Board of the Wurth Group’s

Family Trusts, took over the business at

the tender age of 19 after his father had

passed away and developed it further

in to the business that we know and love

today. Starting from the early years of

the company in post-war Germany, he

turned the former two-man business into

a dynamic, worldwide operating trading

group, generating in excess of EUR 10

billion in the business year of 2014.

From its humble beginnings in New

Zealand, the name Wurth and its products

have fast become the industry leader and

the benchmark for competitors to follow.

Wurth New Zealand’s ability to act quickly

on market needs backed by a nationwide

sales force, shows our customers that

Wurth is not only a market leader in

innovative, time efficient solutions, but also

has the sales force to ensure that every

single customer enjoys the level of service

synonymous with the Wurth name.

Wurth New Zealand was established in

1987 and employs more than 100 people.

Our sales staff are strategically placed

around New Zealand, covering every city

and town all the way from Cape Reinga

to Bluff. Wurth NZ has a customer base of

over 10,000 trade customers.